Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and childMy name is Sally Arsenault and I’m a black belt under Renzo Gracie black belt Kevin Taylor at Titans MMA in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Finding jiu jitsu was a fortunate accident for me; I had been lifting weights for five or six years and had become very bored with the monotony.

The message board I frequented at the time had some very knowledgeable lifters that I followed but I found myself reading the new section about MMA more and more. After being robbed at gun point a couple of times at that point, it made sense to try something new. I called around local martial arts clubs and eventually found Titans.

I’ve been training BJJ consistently since 2009 and in 2013 I founded a Women Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at our club in hopes to provide women with a gentle entry into our sport.

I am originally from Summerside, PEI and now work in Halifax as an auditor for the province of Nova Scotia. When I began training, I found it very frustrating trying to find gear to fit me, especially gis, so when I was injured as a blue belt, I began using my auditing tactics to evaluate training gear and present reports to my fellow grapplers. You can find many of my previous reviews and articles on Breaking Muscle.

I am an ambassador for RAD Roller and TimTam Recovery so do check them out if you are in need of recovery tools. Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!

If you would like your products reviewed, please contact me at sallyarsenault@gmail.com.

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