Killer Bee Custom Gi Order Demo and Review

I work with Killer Bee Gis for promotional purposes and have been wearing their gis since 2010. Recently, I had the opportunity to order a brand new custom gi fro their website and did a screen recording of the process below.

Pricing starts at $125USD with the option to mix and match top and bottom sizing, choose preferred fabrics, customize lengths, colors, logos and more. Shipping is $15USD worldwide.

To see the fit and details of the Malibu Surf custom gi as well as the regular custom gi and the ripstop and cotton drill pants, see the video below.

If you have questions about ordering, please contact Killer Bee Gis via Facebook. To see photos of my Killer Bee gear, please continue scrolling.

Malibu Surf & Drill Cotton Pants

Black Ligustica & Ripstop Pants

Blue Ligustica & Ripstop Pants

Killer Bee Women’s Gi

The Ligustica Belt

Image may contain: shoes

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