Product Review: Quikflip Hoodie

Quikflip is an apparel line that brings back fond memories of the 80s when we could stuff our beloved windbreakers into a wearable fanny pack and spend the whole day cruising the neighborhood on our bicycles.

The improvement that comes with the new Quikflip hoodies is the switch from a windbreaker fanny pack to a lightweight French terry backpack that you can store your phone, water bottle or other small items in as you explore the great outdoors (or jiu jitsu tournament).

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a shirt tied around my waist. Rener Gracie created the Quikflip to eliminate this issue, to prevent lost hoodies, to provide a more comfortable travel experience with your hoodie stowed in its pack when its too warm but available when it cools off and, of course, to look fresh in your new hoodie.

When I travel, I tend to leave the big purse at home at travel nightclub style, only taking the essentials. This hoodie is perfect for any trip and I was kicking myself for not bringing it along when I visited the Renzo Gracie Academy last November. The weather was perfect for a light jacket or hoodie and I could have left my bag at the hotel!

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  • 8.6 oz (290 gsm) medium-weight premium french terry 
  • 60% ringspun cotton for comfort and breathability
  • 40% polyester for durability and wrinkle prevention 
  • 1×1 ribbing at cuffs/waistband for maximum recovery 
  • Lightweight backpack lining makes straps undetectable in hoodie form
  • Reinforced cover stitching throughout
  • Antique metal exposed zipper
  • The kids version does not have a drawstring on the hood for safety reasons


A review of Quikflip’s size chart indicated that I am sized below the XS in the adult products so I ordered the Kids’ Full-Zip Hero Hoodie in Heathered Charcoal in size large. After some runs through the washer and dryer, it fits perfectly and has become my favorite zipped hoodie; I always choose it over my classic lululemon scuba hoodie simply because I enjoy the relaxed fit and light fabric.

I also really like the cuffs and waistband of the QuikFlip; they retain their shape and cling comfortably where they are supposed to. The only thing I don’t like about this hoodie is the small pockets in the front. They’re not really big enough to hold anything and what I have been able to fit into them runs the risk of falling out.

Price + Shipping

I bought the kid’s Hero Hoodie for $39.95 and used a discount code that was active at the time. The adult version costs $49.95 and currently, Quikflip is offering a 15% discount code to celebrate their collaboration with Shark Tank for first-time customers to take advantage of. This is a very reasonable price for a hoodie; I think I paid over $100 for my lululemon hoodie and it doesn’t even turn into a backpack.

Shipping to Canada was $15.20USD – for US orders, it appears that shipping is free.

As soon as I saw the QuikFlip, formerly known as the Hero Hoodie, I knew I had to have it. I was disappointed at first because even the kids size large was a bit big for me but several runs through the washer and dryer later, it fits perfectly. This is my go-to hoodie, perfect for any occasion and I see myself buying the QuikFlip crew and their Dry Flip convertible rain jacket in the near future!

Get your hoodie at for $49.95!

You can also check them out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to keep informed as they grow their exciting new apparel line.

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