Product Review: Ranked Soap

Ranked Soap is a company that offers colored bar soap to the Brazilian jiu jitsu community to match their belt level. The most common adult belts in jiu jitsu are white, blue, purple, brown and black. Ranked Soap has formulated a special soap for each level with very nice floral, vanilla, fruity or charcoal fragrances.

I was sent all five ranked bar soaps for review. This is my opinion.


I’ve been using this soap for a couple of months and what I like about the brand is that all of the ranks smell great, the lather is luxurious enough to be used for shaving my legs and a little goes a long way in general washing. The various Ranked Soaps incorporate sea salt or oatmeal for their exfoliating properties however I don’t rub soap directly onto my skin, I form a lather in my hands and then distribute it over the body so I can’t say how effective those ingredients were.

Though I tried every bar initially, I stuck with the black and two months later, I’m still using the same bar. Regarding this longevity, I should note that I often shower at Titans (I use body wash when I’m not at home) and I don’t use this soap exclusively so your bar may not last as long. I alternate between Ranked Soap, the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Body Wash and Dove bar soap. I feel that I would need to use the Dove in tandem with this soap regardless because I prefer a mild soap for washing my tender bits.

The only thing I dislike about this soap is that the dye comes off into the lather during washing and can make the tub and shower curtain look a little dirty if the water doesn’t wash it away. It also leaves the soap tray looking not so great. I guess if you want your soap to be a particular color, that’s the trade-off. If you’re a white belt, or you choose to be one in the shower, you won’t have to worry about this issue. I did notice that it became a lot less noticeable the longer I used the bar; the lather seemed to be whiter.


I have tried all of the Ranked Soaps and from most to least favorite, I like black, brown, white, purple, blue. Everyone is different, though, and on the website if you sort by popularity, it goes, black, purple, blue, white, brown. Each soap is formulated differently with a distinct scent so check them out and see which appeals to you the most! Ingredients are also listed in case you have sensitivities.

I’ve also heard a rumor that Ranked Soap offers youth ranked colors so you may want to contact them, if interested!


At $5USD per bar, Ranked Soap is reasonably priced. In Canada, if you want a nice specialty soap, the going rate is about $7 so it is about the same however when I checked the website, it appears that this company only ships to the US. You may want to contact them via Facebook or their website if you have questions about shipping to other countries. When I calculated shipping a bar within the US, it came out to fifty cents.

It’s nice to see athletes in our community creating products specifically for us. You can support Ranked Soap by shopping on their website and following them on Facebook and Instagram!

What is your favorite Ranked Soap? Let us know in the comments below!

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