Ten Times We’ve Caught Animals Living that BJJ Life


Some of the techniques in Brazilian jiu jitsu have names that are hard to remember as a newbie: omoplata, senkaku, kimura… But others we remember right away because they’re named after our animal friends: the anaconda, the donkey guard and the spider guard.

We see a lot of ourselves in the animal kingdom and below are ten times they’ve imitated our lives on the mats!

  1. When your partner pulls donkey guard and goes north south.

  1. When you try to help a white belt and he repays you with with the White Belt Flail. Also featured: unclipped nails.

  1. When someone keeps trying to chat with you while you’re watching a crazy roll.​

  1. Walking onto the mats in your new gi

  1. Winning your first medal at a tournament

  1. When you’re the only white belt who shows up to open roll.

  1. Rolling with higher belts

  1. Trying to get grips for a takedown

  1. ​When your training partner hasn’t washed his gi

  1. When the sweaty guy from the previous class wants to roll but you’re still dry.

At the end of the day, though we may face off with each other from time to time, we will always be in it together!

Do you see any of your BJJ family in these videos? I thought that was Atos black belt Josh Hinger in Number 8!

Let us know in the comments below!

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