Product Review: 93 Brand Tights


Jiu jitsu is not for the weak of heart. It is sweatier and smellier than some people can handle and the level of contact leaves practioners at risk for skin infections if they’re not careful. That’s why it’s important to cover the skin during training with gear like the 93 Brand Standard Issue Tights.


  • Very affordable
  • Full-length
  • High quality, durable construction
  • Flattering design
  • Variety of colors


  • Thick elastic waistband
  • Smaller than usual sizing
I bought my first two-pack of these tights a couple of years ago when I saw them on BJJHQ. I’ve been paying up to $100 plus tax on lululemon tights for years, only to have them pill with the constant friction of grappling on the mats. And as you know, no matter what you do, your BJJ gear will eventually stink and it’s very hard to write off gear that you paid so much money for.

93 Brand has a whole range of affordable, standard issue gear specifically designed for our sport. When I saw them come up on the Daily Deal for $35 for two pairs, I figured there was no harm in trying them. I knew I would hate the waistband but was willing to wear the legs a little baggy in order to have a more comfortable waist. I am 5’0, 112lbs and I bought a women’s size medium. I was so pleased with these tights that not only did I recently buy two more pairs, I have also given several pairs as gifts and recommended them to women in my class at Titans MMA.

Key Features

  • 88% nylon, 12% spandex
  • Compression fit
  • Diamond-cut gusset
  • Contrast stitching (flatlock) in an aesthetically pleasing design
  • Jacquard waistband with woven branding
  • ​Lined inner waist with soft rounded upper edge​
The standard issue tights are very comfortable to wear and roll in. Yes, the waistband is snug (but not restrictive) and that means they won’t slip as you’re rolling. I found the fabric slippery, which I love because most times I’m more concerned with escaping than controlling. I didn’t notice any problems with gripping at all in spite of their satin finish.
Click photos to enlarge.
Favorite Features
What I love about the 93 Brand tights is the design. Though it is quite simple, the contrast flat-lock stitching has a pleasing aesthetic that flatters the figure. I think these tights look especially attractive on women with hourglass figures, where the waistband is snug; they fit those women like a glove. In the slideshow below, you will see a pair of black tights with blue trim. I bought that pair two years ago and I’ve worn them frequently. Note that the construction is still solid and the fabric is virtually flawless after all that time. There is a very small amount of pilling on the waistband and the stitching but the fabric of the tights has not pilled at all.


Improvable features

In the product description, the brand claims: “Both the interior and the upper edge of the waistband are covered in stretch nylon/spandex for added comfort and to prevent the edge from irritating your skin (or digging into your love handles, after one or two “cheat days”).”While it is true that the waistband edge does not irritate the skin and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable during rolling, if you are prone to accumulating excess weight around your waist, like I do, you will definitely have muffin top, as you can see in the photo below. In the photo on the right, I am wearing size 14 Iviva (the lululemon for kids) shorts with a wide, flat waistband and no muffin top. On the left, 93 Brand. You can see how the waistband squeezes the waist, pushing what chub I have up and over to remind me of all the Doritos I’ve eaten.

When I compared the new tights to my old tights, I noticed that the old ones were a bit baggier from wear, and the waistband was slightly larger, 12 inches as compared to the new pair’s waistband measurment of 11.25 inches. The length for both was 30.5 inches from waistband to cuff.

The other issue I noticed with 93 Brand spats is the sizing. Because I am not a fan of these thick elastic waistbands, I ordered a size larger than I normally would. The size chart indicates that someone at my weight, 112lbs, should wear size small. I’m at the very bottom of the scale and technically could wear size extra small, since it is for people 120lbs and under. I feel that even if you have a tiny waist, if you get the size you normally would you may be at risk for camel toe, especially if you get the grey ones. The fit is compression and even with size medium, they are tight on my legs and bum.

93 Brand Women’s Grappling Spats Size Guide

XS: 120 lbs and under
S: 110-140 lbs
M: 130-160 lbs
L: 155-180 lbs

Last year I bought a two-pack for my friend Natalie (right), who doesn’t train BJJ but exercises regularly in a variety of activities. She had the same issue with the sizing. She said, “I like the pants and the way they feel. They are made small so I recommend sizing up. The large fit me and I’m usually medium.”

You can see the tights in action in my half-guard escape tutorial below. 

​Where to buy
You can buy the 93 Brand Women’s Standard Issue Tights
individually on for $29.99USD, or get more value for your dollar by going for the two pack for only $20 more. Shipping to Canada is $19.99 but free in the US. If you’re getting the tights, you might as well get the Standard Issue Rashguards at the same time and make it a set!

If you’re not in a rush, keep your eye on for their daily deals. Once in awhile you will see the two-packs on sale for $35US with $10 shipping to Canada, $5 to the US.

The 93 Brand Standard Issue Tights are just one of many high-quality products offered by the brand. They also have a wide variety of kimonos, rashguards, shorts and even underwear! Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to keep up with their frequent releases of new gear designs.

If you’d like your product reviewed, contact me at 

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