Chokes by the Ocean – Sanchez vs Wacker: Results and Play-by-Play

The Submission Series Pro team has delivered yet again, producing an edge-of-your-seat experience for those of us watching live, in person or at home on the pay-per-view. Their matchmaking efforts were on point, culminating in a full card of fast-paced, technical matches. I was given access to Chokes by the Ocean to provide a play-by-play for those of you who were unable to access the show, but for those of you who did get a chance to watch and were a little confused about what was happening in some of the matches, I’ve added links to videos for most techniques. Just click the hyperlinks and you can learn all about them from experts in the sport. Repeated techniques were only hyperlinked the on the first instance they were recorded.

As I took notes, I time-stamped each line but unfortunately when I opened the file again, all timestamps were updated to the current time so I replaced them with bullets. To get a sense of timing, each line represents about fifteen seconds.

The Card

Click hyperlinks to watch the athlete’s prior matches or to learn more. To find a particular match write-up, use Ctrl+F and type his/her name. Winners’ names bolded in purple font.

Main Card (Ten minute matches)
Mike Wacker (Black Hole ) VS Diego Sanchez (Jackson Wink) – decision
Ethan Crelinsten (Tristar) VS Nathan Orchard (10th Planet) – decision
Oliver Taza (Tristar) VS Bradley Hill (Gracie Barra UK) – decision
Jaret MacIntosh (Titans Jiu Jitsu) VS Kyle Pindar (Body of Four) – heel hook
Travis Conley (Underground Gym) VS Joel Jacquard (Renzo Gracie HFX) – decision
Shane Fishman (Body of Four) vs Devin Pirata (El Pirata) – calf slicer

Prelims (Four minute matches)

Nick Power (Abhaya) vs Cole Barr (Forca Training Center) – armbar
Clea Straklevski (Team DNA) vs Gwen LeClair (Synergy) – decision
Tacari Howe (Renzo Gracie HFX) vs Caleb Arsenault (MXT) – cross choke
Claire McDougall (Gracie Winnipeg) VS Morgan Lipford (MXT) –belly-down armbar

Undercard: (Six minute matches)

Andrew Tenneson (Jackson Wink) VS Brian McLaughlin (Precision MMA) – decision
James Harnish (Marmac Athletics) VS Kent Peters (Zombie Proof) – 50/50 heel hook
Pat Carroll (Renzo Gracie HFX) VS Jesse Allen (MXT Halifax) – decision
Jesse Gough (Cunningham BJJ) VS Jon Kelly (MXT Jiu Jitsu) – heel hook
Brady MacDonald (Titans) VS Taylor McCafferty (Marmac) – heel hook


Claire MacDougall vs Morgan Lipford

->   Claire pulls guard
->   Sweep attempt by Claire from closed guard
->   Morgan is working on passing, keeping good posture
->   Closed guard for Claire
->   Claire opens her guard
->   Claire attempts to sweep, Morgan back in guard
->   Claire attempts armbar, goes belly down

->   Morgan taps

Tacari Howe vs Caleb Arsenault

->   The athletes are standing, Tacari looks for a single
->   Body lock for Tacari
->   Caleb sprawls, they’re back up
->   Caleb attempts a trip
->   Caleb on the back
->   Caleb goes to mount
->   Tacari on his side trying to escape
->   Tacari turns into Caleb’s guard
->   Tacari attempting to stack Caleb, Caleb working on the lapels
->   Tacari in a cross choke
->   Tacari taps

Relevant Resource: 17 BJJ Positional Escapes In 10 Min – Mount & Back Mount – Jason Scully

Gwen LeClair vs Clea “The Bully” Straklevski

->    Clea attacks, takes Gwen down and starts to pass
->    Clea in side control
->    Knee on belly
->    Back to side, Gwen defending
->    The Bully working on the far arm, cross-facing
->    Gwen turns over, Clea tries to take the back, attempts a choke
->    Gwen recovers guard, Clea tripods and cross-faces
->    Clea in half guard, controlling the head, cross-facing
->    Bow and arrow attempt by Clea, now Gwen is in guard
->    Clea mounts, knee on belly
->    Side control for Clea
->    Heavy pressure on Gwen
->    Gwen turns over and Clea gets the back, both hooks
->    Clea working the collar on Gwen
->    Gwen defending, Clea is falling to the side, turns Gwen over, working on a collar choke
->    Clea back in mount working the collar
->    Gwen turns over, Clea is on the back, then back to mount
->    Gwen is defending well
->    Clea has Gwen in her half guard,  Clea is breaking Gwen’s posture
->    Gwen attempts to reestablish posture
->    Time is up. Decision Clea

Relevant resource: The Ultimate Guide to BJJ Weak Side Back Attacks (Complete Instructional) by Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki

Cole Barr vs Nick Power

->    Clinch
->    Pummeling
->    Attempted arm drag, head pulldown
->    Hand fighting
->    Cole attempts single
->    Nick pulls guard
->    Nick working rubber guard
->    Attempts omoplata, Nick escapes
->    de la Riva for Cole
->    Back to their feet
->    Hand fighting
->    Jumping head grab for Nick, no go
->    Hand fighting
->    Single attempt by Cole
->    Nick on the ground inverts to kneebar
->    Toehold attempt
->   Cole escapes, back on their feet
->    Hand-fighting, clinch work
->    Nick attempting guillotine
->    Shook off
->    Cole shoots
->    Still on their feet, clinch, hand fighting
->    Clinch, Cole pulls, he’s on Nick’s back working on the arm
->    Nick turns into his guard, Cole throws up an armbar
->    Nick taps

Brady MacDonald vs Taylor McCafferty

->    On the feet Taylor attempts flying guillotine
->    Taylor pulls guard, Brady looks for a heel hook
->    Taylor defends, hand-fighting
->    Taylor escapes, seated guard
->    Brady trying to slice through
->    Now Brady is on the bottom, Taylor passing
->    Taylor has a guillotine
->    Taylor fights it off, inverts
->    Brady trying to pass, Taylor inverts
->    Brady quashes it
->    Brady has butterfly
->    Back to standing, in the clinch
->    Brady has side control ,now standing, down again, looking for a leg attack
->    Taylor looks for toehold
->    Brady turns, Taylor loses the hold
->    Leg-lock battle, both looking for holds
->    Taylor had saddle, Brady pushing out, he escapes
->    Back on their feet, Brady knee slices, Taylor comes on top, Brady attempts guillotine
->    Taylor defends, is crushing Brady’s butterfly, Brady attempts guillotine
->    both seated, Taylor attempting to pass, in Brady’s open guard, attempting guillotine Brady
->    Brady attempts guillotine from closed guard
->    Back on the feet
->    Taylor drops and tries to invert, Brady shakes it off
->    Taylor trying to pass, Brady attempting guillotine
->    Taylor goes for the foot, falls back
->    Brady counters and gets a heel hook
->    Taylor taps

Jon Kelly vs Jesse Gough

->    Hand fighting
->    Pummeling
->    Clinch
->    Gough reaches for a foot tap
->    Kelly takes him down with a single
->    Jesse appears to be working a triangle or rubber guard but his leg is trapped under Jon
->    Jon trying to pass using heavy top pressure but on the feet, controlling the trapped leg
->    Gough working some rubber guard
->    Jon slips under the high leg, attempting to over-under pass
->    Z guard
->    Jon looks like he’s setting up an Estima lock, lets it fog, tries over-under pass
->    Jesse trying to setup kimura from the bottom but John stays heavy
->    Jon hads a modified cradle
->    Jesse spins out, back in over under guard
->    Jesse tries to back out, going for kimura on the other side
->    Jesse reversing, spins under, jon falls back for a leg attack
->    Jon controlling the knee
->    Jesse counter attacks, inverted heel hook, tap by Jon

Frank Rosenthal va Mathieu Tarantini

->    Low on the feet
->    Mathieu pulls guard, butterfly
->    Frank is in half guard
->    Frank still trying to pass open
->    Circling by Frank
->    Frank sits, leans to his side
->    Mathieu on top, working to compress the shin
->    Z-guard for Frank, Mathieu  working on the hands pressing the bottom leg
->    Frank is up, Mathieu down
->    Imanari roll by Frank, doesn’t hook the leg, z-guard
->    Mathieu trying to pass z, working on the hands, falls back on the leg, now Frank is up
->    Frank steps in, sits back , mathie up, pressing inward with the knee
->    Frank is back up
->    Seated guard, Frank trying to pass
->    Attempted shin-on-shin sweep by Mathieu
->    Frank up, one knee in
->    Both up, Frank drops to a roll, doesn’t get  let
->    Mathieu on his back butterfly hooks working
->    Frank steps out,
->    Frank on his back, z-guard
->    Both on their sides, seated Mathieu trying to pass
->    Z-guard for Frank again
->    Frank on his feet, Mathieu seated shin-on-shin work
->    Frank back on the ground, Mathieu trying to knee slice
->    Mathieu attempting a heel hook while Frank still standing,
->    Franks shakes it off
->    Mathieu on top,
->    Time – decision draw

Jesse Allen va  Pat Carroll

->    Down low, looking for the take down
->    Hand fighting, clinch work
->    Head to head in the clinch, arm drag attempts, pummeling
->    Pat uses an armdrag to half-guard, back up and Jesse works on the neck
->    Pat’s on top in mount, Jesse working the guillotine
->    Pat pressuring Jesse on top, looking or the crossface
->    Pat climbing up, trying to get Jesse’s arm up
->    Jesse bridges, escapes, back on the feet
->    Clinch work, pummeling again
->    Pat pulls to half guard, tries to seep, now Pat has Jesse in a half butterfly
->    Jesse is pressuring, looks for a guillotine, Pat underhooks
->    Jesse working to get the underhook in Pat’s half guard
->    Pat looking for deep half, possibly a waiter sweep
->    Jesse is on Pat’s houlder still in deep half guard
->    He under-hooks Pat’s leg, Pat swings under for a leg attack
->    Scramble, Jesses back in Patts half guard
->    Pat sweeps and they’re back on the feet
->    Clinch work, pummeling
->    Hand fighting, Pat pulls half guard, has double unders
->    Jesse overhooks, Pat has the underhook
->    Time. Decision: Pat Carroll

Kent Peter s vs James Harnish

->    Hand fighting on the feet
->    Armdrag attempt by James, hand fighting
->    James pulls and goes for Kent’s ankle
->    Kent counter attacking
->    James going for the the outside heel hook
->    Kent looking for an inside heel hook, 50/50
->    Kent gets the heel hook from 50/50
->    James taps

Andrew Tenneson vs Brian McLaughlin

->    Clinch pummeling, Brian attempts a double
->    On the feet, pummeling
->    Armdrag to double by Brian
->    Omoplata set-up but he’s not on the side, a rubber guard set up
->    Brian pressures, over under
->    Brian in Tenneson’s full guard, Andrew using rubber guard
->    Brain pressuring,
->    Back to the feet
->    Hand fighting
->    Bodylock by Tenneson, double unders
->    Pummeling, clinch work on the feet
->    Tenneson gets a double leg, goes for the straight ankle
->    Brian goes for a heel hook, Tenneson spins out, he’s in Andrews open guard
->    Brian’s pressuring Tenneson’s butterfly
->    Tenneson working on isolating the arm
->    Brian is in leg drag, goes to side control
->    Andrew comes back in, using the rubber guard to isolate the arm
->    Brian pressuring and slipping past the legs, waist lock
->    Andrew attempting a butterfly sweep but now Brian is heavy in half, pressuring Andrew’s hips with his hips
->    Back on the feet, both intense
->    Brian pulls guard
->    Brian under-hooks, attempts to break Tenneson’s posture. Working pendulum, or triangle set up
->    Armbar attempt Tenneson shakes it off
->    Time. Decision – Brian McLaughlin

Shane Fishman vs Devin Pirata

->    Shane sits, pulls guard, goes for slx
->    Shane trying to pass Devin’s half guard, Devin looking for two-on-one grip of the far arm rather than going or the under-hook
->    Shane under-hooking, trying to pass
->    Shane keeping heavy, pushing the leg back to break the half guard
->    Devin attempting an omoplata set up
->    Devin is now on top, passing to side control
->    Now in Shane’s half guard, isolating the arm for an armbar, Shane pulls out
->    Now Shane doing to leg drag almost, isolating the back looking for mount
->    Devin swims under now he’s attempting to pass Shane’s half guard
->    Devin has the under-hook, pressuring, slipping into scarf but Shane re-guards
->    Shane isolating the leg, single leg X
->    Devin shakes it off, trying to get a dope mount, stepping back, looking to pressure back on top of Shane, looking for the foot now
->    Shane looking to slip out now he’s looking into  a truck set up, Devins looking to counter on the leg
->    They’re in a somewhat 50/50 position, Devin has knee control, Shane tries for that inside heel
->    Hand fighting in 50/50
->    Devin tries to pull out, goes for senkaku inside heel hooks
->    Shane trying to pass Devin’s half guard
->    Reset by refs
->    Shane tries to pass, Devin pulls him back with an armdrag
->    Shane looking for a guillotine, Devin rolls out, slips to ashi with a heel hook; hand fighting
->    Shane gets his leg out, now back in Devin’s half guard, pushing at the knee, backwards
->    Rolls to try to get the back or access to the legs
->    Devin looking for the leg attacks belly down but Shane had control of the arm
->   Deving going for toe hold
->   Shane escapes
->   He’s in a reverse guard now Shane escapes, to side mount knee on belly
->   Shane trying to get Devin’s back, he rolls to mount but back in half, goes for ninja roll
->   Devin looking for calf slicer or some type of foot control
->   Shane goes for calf slicer
->   Devin taps

Jaret MacIntosh vs Kyle Pindar

->    Circling, hand fighting
->    Standing, Jaret jumps to a scissor takedown to heel hook
->    Kyle taps at 19 seconds

Travis Conley vs Joel Jacquard

->    Hand fighting on the feet
->    Travis looking for that arm drag
->    Joel arm drags, gets stuffed now seated
->    Travis looking for a guillotine, he’s on top, in Joel’s half guard
->    Joel has the under-hook
->    Coming out, trying to reverse Travis
->    Travis using his head to push, Joel gets closed guard
->    Travis stands, Joel seated guard
->    Travis attempts the darce, Joel flattens Travis changes from RNC grip to palm-to-palm Joel turtles, Travis flips him over
->    Travis loses hand clasp, now Joel has under-hook,
->    Travis back steps, Joel has clinch, now he’s in Travis’ full guard
->    Joel is heavy in the full guard, pushing his knee down, hand fighting
->    Joel pressures, looks for a body lock, looking for Travis back
->    Now Travis on top, has Joel under side
->    Joel bumps out, Travis comes back, Joel looking for single
->    Travis looking for guillotine, now in side control
->    Working on controlling Joel’s hips, stepping onto knee on belly
->    Joel turtles, Travis gets head control swings to the back, setting up arm triangle
->    Travis in Joel’s closed guard
->    Joel isolating Travis arm
->    Travis standing, steps into half working on setting up a d’arce or back step
->    Looking for Joel’s feet, double trouble in the saddle
->    now Travis on Joel, in his ah gurd pressuring
->    Travis heavy across Joel’s body
->    Joel looks from the under-hook
->    Travis gets the head under the arm, maybe arm triangle set up
->    Pressure to pass half, Joel swims his arm in gets head control
->    Travis slides across in the half, now back facing Joel, still pressuring across Joel’s body, both shoulders on the mat
->    Travis back steps, knee on belly
->    Back in joe’s half guard, Joel has the underhook, facing Joel’s legs
->    Joel pushing away , Travis attacks the back,
->    Joel escapes, attacks Travis leg, has a heel hook
->     Nasty Nate runs onto the mat yelling, “Finish that! Finish that!” goes back to corner
->    Joel mounting Travis, deep guillotine, bringing the elbow up
->   Time. Decision – Travis Conley

Relevant Resource: 4 Tips for Maintaining Mount in BJJ 

Oliver Taza vs Bradley Hill

->    Hand fighting, Taza shoots for butterfly
->    Taza looking for two on one, butterfly sweep attempt
->    Hill lands on his feet
->    Taza coming under to elevate
->    Taza trying to isolate the leg has ashi, Hill pulls back,  Taza switches to the other leg, goes for outside heel hook, Bradley spins out
->    Oliver rolls, still had the leg, lost the knee
->    Hill has ankle, shoots in for the heel
->    Hill shoots for the heel, Taza shoots back
->    Bradley trying to pass Oliver’s half / butterfly
->    Taza rolls under, has saddle, rolling to escape
->    Oliver looking for the feet, Bradley scrambles out
->    Oliver shoots under, Hill has side control
->    Hill using pressure on Taza he’s trying to control Taza’s arm on the far side with an underhook, heavy hips on Oliver
->    Hill cross facing Taza
->    Taza slips out
->    Now Taza shoots under again Bradley crushing the butterfly
->    Bradley goes for the underhood, pressuring on the far side leg
->    Oliver rolls through, Hill remains composed, Taza working for the armdrag
->    Hill pressures, windshield wiper on top of Taza’s bottom leg
->    Now Hill looks like he has dope, trying to pressure
->    Bradley crushing with dope,Taza brushes it off
->    Head-to-Head, Hill trying to pass Taza’s butterfly
->    Taza double unders
->    Taza trying to set up elevation or a sweep, under-hooking Bradley’s leg
->    Taza attempts to get ashi, Hill pushes the outside heel down, looking for a knee slice,
->    Taza blocks under with his knee spins under for slx

->    Taza spins to Imanari for inside heel hook
->    Bradley pressures down, has Taza crushed in inverted
->    Bradley has Taza in side control, pressuring
->    Bradley looking for crossface far arm control, controlling the hips so he can step over,
->    Oliver swings out, now they are on the feet
->    One minute left pressure is on , Oliver goes for Imanari roll, Bradley bases out on Oliver’s butterfly gets the underhook
->    Taza inverts, now back to butterfly, Hill looking to control the head, Taza looking for double unders
->    Taza reverses goes for ashi
->    Time. Decision – Oliver Taza

Relevant Resource:  Leg Lock Tutorial and Training with Eddie Cummings – Firas Zahabi – Jiu-Jitsu 

Ethan Crelinsten vs Nathan Orchard

->    On the feet, Ethan right to seated guard, Orchard down, looking to under-hook the leg
->    Hand fighting, Ethan looking for arm drag
->    Nathan going for the under-hook, pulls Ethan into a leg attack position
->    Nathan is on top, with double unders
->    Orchard rolling kimura pass
->    Transitions to the legs
->    Nathan under-hooking the leg again, looking for ashi, rolls over, controlling the knee, attempting outside heel hook
->    Scrambling, Ethan on the bottom butterfly
->    Orchard under-hooking again, knee pinning the bottom leg
->    Over-under control, now body lock, they’re rolling
->    Orchard under-hooking the leg, falling back now back on top with Ethan on the bottom
->    Orchard under-hooking the leg with knee pressure pinning bottom leg
->    Ethan comes on top, in mount but Nathan has a body lock under both legs, Ethan tries north south
->    Ethan knee on belly
->    Ethan mounted, double-under escape by Nathan, x guard by Nathan
->    Ethan knee on belly
->    Nathan bumps out, Ethan scrambles tries to get side control, now switching to the back, now on mount
->    Mounted with a good cross-face, now turning his back going for the legs possibly;  now knee on belly
->    North south looking for Ethan’s arm. Now back to knee on belly with a cross-face
->    Ethan sets up a kimura and then an armbar attempt. The arm is straight but his hips are above the elbow.
->    Ethan is in an awkward mount with his legs straight above Nathan’s shoulders
->    Nathan has double-unders, sweeps  
->    Now Ethan looking for the back, back on mount Nathan looking for the heel, lifting for a mount  escape
->    Ethan butterfly guard, Nathan standing goes for the rolling kimura pass again, then transitions to the legs
->    Ethan looking for shin trap, trying to pass
->    Ethan back to butterfly, Nathan working to pass
->    Nathan looking for under-hook on the leg, attempting a back step. Ethan gets on top

->    Ethan on top again, knee-on-belly
->    Isolating Nathan’s arm
->    Ethan working on a kimura again, now Nathan turtles
->    Ethan has a crucifix, back control, trying to get the arm trapped with his legs
->    Body triangle for Ethan
->    Orchard had his shoulders on the mat, Ethan keeps body triangle
->    Ethan is on the back again, controlling the bottom arm, trying to get the top arm
->    Ethan has a high rear triangle but no arm free,
->    Time. Decision – Ethan Crelinsten

Main Event

Diego Sanchez vs Mike Wacker

->    The Wizard sits, Diego head push
->    Face push Diego
->    Double hand control, for Mike, now Diego in the closed guard
->    Diego pushing forward, Mike sets up Williams guard
->    Wacker overhooking the arm Diego pressures forward with his face
->    Diego heavy on the hips in the closed guard
->    Wacker looking for the arm but Diego postures up, heavy pressure with the hands on the hips
->    Diego pushing forward in closed guard under-hooking Wacker
->    Low posture for Diego, Wacker goes for Williams guard again
->    Diego postures away from Wacker’s control attempt, looks like he might be looking for a neck crank or can opener
->    Diego seems so have no intention of posture, now posturing
->    Reset to the middle Diego in Wacker’s closed guard, looking for underarm control and can opener
->    Wacker controlling the posture of Diego
->    Still forward pressure in closed guard by Diego
->    Now double bicep pressure by Diego, armpit, possibly log splitter setup
->    He pushes forward into the closed guard, now hands on hips pressure
->    Diego uses his head to push up under the chin of Wacker
->    Double bicep control looking for log splitter
->    Williams guard for Wacker, now back to closed with an overhook
->    Diego stands, steps out of the closed guard, trying to pass, Wacker on his back,  feet up
->    Diego has his knee in, controlling Wacker’s ankles, looking to pass, now in Wacker’s half guard
->    Diego has an overhook on Wacker’s top leg, Wacker looking for head control
->    Diego trying to pressure the top leg down and spin around
->    Diego back in closed guard
->    Wacker underhooks the leg, trying to set up a sweep, Diego spins to north south
->    Diego trying to throw Mike’s legs to the side
->    Diego pushing at Mike’s shoulders, Wacker looking for hand control
->    Low cartwheel pass for Diego, he ends up in closed guard again
->    Pushing forward into Wacker
->    Wacker looking for pendulum has Diego’s leg under-hooked
->    Wacker looking for the under-hook
->    Wacker using butterfly , Diego jumps over to back step, Wacker goes for the sweep, Diego goes for the back
->    They’re off the mats, now reset
->    Diego on Wacker’s back, Diego looks for twister
->    Time. Decision – Mike Wacker 

Chokes by the Ocean is brought to you by a variety of local and worldwide sponsors, without whom events like this can’t happen. Click on the links below to show your support!
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  1. Appreciate the play by play, but there is a mistake here. The description “belly-down armbar” belongs to Claire and Morgan’s match, not Gwen and Cleea’s.


      • In the brief descriptions of the matches at the top of the page, it says “Clea Straklevski (Team DNA) vs Gwen LeClair (Synergy) – belly-down armbar”. The play-by-play is correct, however.


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