Product Review: Under the Gi Rashguard

Under the Gi Apparel is a Brazilian jiu jitsu apparel company located in Toronto, Ontario, founded and operated by BJJ practitioners Cat and David. The partners are big supporters of the BJJ community and have sponsored countless events and tournaments across Canada.
This review will focus on the custom Mind Games rashguard, which was designed for the June 2016 submission-only charity tournament held in Truro, Nova Scotia. Stigma Submission Fire was organized to bring awareness to those suffering with mental illness in our community.


Micky Marshall, Cody Glode and Dan Vanderlans at ECC 23. Photo credit Aggro Photography

On March 1, 2016, our community was devastated by the loss of promising young martial artist and firefighter, Cody Glode, who had struggled with mental illness since he was 12 years old. In response to this tragedy, Cody’s friend and Brazilian jiu jitsu coach Dan Vanderlans worked with Submission Series Promotions to organize a submission-only tournament and bring awareness to mental illness. Proceeds were donated to the Slate Youth Centre in Truro, NS.

Vanderlans is the owner of TechNACITY Clothing and to mark the event, he collaborated with Under the Gi Apparel to produce the Mind Games rashguard. Under the Gi has gone on to collaborate with Submission Series Pro and many of our local martial arts clubs and athletes to create a variety of very beautiful, high quality Brazilian jiu jitsu gear.

Under the Gi’s David Costa and Dan Vanderlans


  • ​​Comfortable fit and fabric
  • Cat logo
  • Bringing awareness to mental illness
  • Made in Canada

Didn’t Love

  • N/A
The Mind Games rashguard features the Under the Gi logo on the front: a cat head silhoutte that reminds me of the Itchy and Scratchy skit, “Little Barbershop of Horrors” where Scratchy gets eaten alive by flesh-eating ants and shot in the face. So savage. I love it.

Turning the rashguard over, the back depicts the mind sparkling with activity that is unique to all of us. The mission is to expose the secret suffering that some of us deal with so we can all help to support our community and prevent the loss of any more of our teammates, friends and family.

I’ve included some close-up shots of the Mind Games design in the mosaic below. Click the thumbnail to enlarge.
The cat logo marks every product and their designs are so unique and varied sometimes, it’s needed to identify the brand. They are the kind of company that adapts to the specific theme of their client or event so rather than the focus being on their particular style, each design stands alone. Check out this slideshow of their work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Comfort and Durability
I’ve actually had this rashguard since June 2016, and here we are April 2017 with the main photo above taken just yesterday and it still looks fresh. The fabric, construction and color has definitely stood up to the test of time. I haven’t worn this rashguard in no gi very often because I prefer long sleeves as a prophylactic against skin infection, however I have worn it a lot under the gi, which actually creates more wear and tear on the fabric due to the friction of the gi, and I’ve worn very frequently for lifting. ​


What I love about the feel of this rashguard is the elasticity. The 90/10 poly/lycra blend fabric is much more stretchy than typical rashguards and the fabric feels silky, softly skimming the skin in a relaxed fit. Because the fabric does not have the friction that tshirt material has, though it was a bit baggy it did not pose the danger of trapping and breaking fingers and toes that tshirts of the same fit make me wary of. I found it very comfortable for all activities and though it did ride up at times during rolling, as all rashguard tend to do, I much prefer this rashguard without the internal rubberized hem because depending on the cut, they can be restrictive and they still ride up anyway.

Unfortunately, this rashguard is no longer available so you’ll have to use it as an example of what you can expect in future offerings or in custom work. The crew at Under the Gi are very busy at the moment preparing for the Ontario Open scheduled for May 6-7, 2017. They’ve designed a beautiful custom rashguard for the tournament and will have a booth on-site so if you’re competing, stop by and say hello!

Once the medals are collected and selfies are posted, athletes will head back home. Cat and David will be working with local artists to collaborate on a brand new Spring/Summer line for all of us to enjoy so make sure to follow Under the Gi on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on their latest products and news! Custom orders can be discussed by contacting the duo at or

If you would like to have your product reviewed, contact me at

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