Eddie Bravo on His Match at Metamoris 3 Versus Royler Gracie and The Inaugural EBI Tournament

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Screen grab Metamoris 3 Trailer
During my first few years of training Brazilian jiu jitsu, I didn’t watch a lot of jiu jitsu matches or really keep track of who was the champion of what. I wasn’t aware of the huge online presence BJJ has and I had no idea who any of the competitors were unless they had done something so impressive, everyone was talking about it. One name I did know, even back in my early days as a white belt, was Eddie Bravo, the founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu.
Frustrated at how jiu jitsu fighters were limited without the gi in MMA when they were taken down by wrestlers, Eddie created 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu to help them to utilize their jiu jitsu techniques, as well as avoid injury during ground and pound. Bravo is also a third degree black belt under Jean Jacques Machado and shot to stardom in the BJJ world by being the first person to ever submit Royler Gracie in competition at the 2003 Abu Dhabi Submission Grappling Championships.
Many people were shocked at the victory. It had been written off as a fluke by some and others have gone as far as saying Eddie hates jiu jitsu and that training in his system is a waste of time. On March 29, 2014, possibly the most anticipated rematch in the history of jiu jitsu took place at Metamoris 3: Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo. I watched the event with three other purple belts and all of us sat in silent disbelief as Eddie clearly dominated Royler. I wasn’t familiar with either man’s game, to be honest, but after hearing years of trash talk about Bravo’s system, I thought it was a given that Gracie would win mostly because he’s a Gracie.

In the Bravo Breakdown on the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu site, Eddie said what pleased him most about his performance at Metamoris 3 was that it made his team and his family proud. He was happy to bring so much joy to people who had taken so much shit for following him, trusting him and having faith in the system. He has certainly proven that learning the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system is not only beneficial to his students but to the jiu jitsu community as a whole.

​I recently spoke to Eddie about the match at Metamoris 3 and asked whether he felt he proven that his submission victory over Royler wasn’t a fluke.  He responded that regardless of what happened on March 29, 2014 it still could have been a fluke back in 2003. Eddie feels that back then, the odds were stacked in Royler’s favor; that if they had had ten matches, Royler could have beaten Eddie six or seven times out of ten. After his experience at Metamoris, Bravo feels that his game has improved to the point that the balance has shifted and the odds would favor him.

Because Metamoris was a submission only match and points weren’t tallied, neither Royler nor Eddie can claim to have beaten the other, however Eddie feels it was obvious that he outplayed Gracie. People in the jiu jitsu community were so impressed by Bravo’s performance that he’s seen a huge increase in student enrolment, subscriptions to his online technical instruction and book and DVD sales.

During our conversation, Bravo mentioned that a subscription to his online training program was only $5 per month. I wasn’t sure I had heard him correctly so I visited his website to confirm. Sure enough, the listed price was $5! The description explained,

“Eddie’s goal with his Pro member pricing was to make it so cheap, that everyone could afford it. He wants all practitioners to be able to benefit from all the techniques being drilled in Hollywood. Additionally, it is a small cost for each of us to ensure that we can continue to offer this well into the future! It takes a lot of time to do so much filming, editing, and publishing!”

I signed up to see what was going on in Hollywood and among all of the 10th Planet system techniques, the Bravo Breakdown of his Metamoris match was available with Eddie explaining what he was thinking at each point and why he chose to do what he did. It’s a very cool service and well worth the $5. I’ve been seeing a lot of Lockdowns and Electric Chairs on the mats lately so sign up to make sure you’re doing it right!

In addition to his technical instruction, I had heard that Eddie was planning a submission only tournament. I asked him how a champion could be determined if matches ended in a draw as many did at Metamoris. Eddie went over the various formats that were used in events like Gracie Nationals and laid out the rules to his Inaugural Sub Only Worlds Tournament.

​In the first invitation only event, two weight classes will be represented by sixteen competitors each. The matches will be ten minutes long and if competitors have a draw in the first round, they will be disqualified. Athletes who have submitted their opponents will be given one point and will advance to the finals. Yellow cards will be given out to stallers to ensure the action is ongoing.

In the case of a draw in the finals, there is overtime but rather than risk having the overtime period turn into a wrestling match with a fight for the takedown, the competitors will be placed in a position where they will be forced to either escape or be submitted. One positional option is to start with one competitor on the other’s back with both hooks in and seatbelt, the alternative being one competitor in the mounted armbar position with spiderweb.

During overtime, times are kept for how long it takes a competitor to escape or submit his opponent. During the first round, if one competitor both submits and escapes, he gets the win. If both competitors submit or escape, it goes to round two, then three rounds if it happens again. In the case of a tie after three rounds, the winner will be the competitor who escaped and/or submitted the fastest.

This event will be televised on Latin TV and promises some very exciting matches with a line up including Geo Martinez, Richie Martinez, Nathan Orchard, Ben Eddy, Gerry Tonin, Jason Manley and Ulysses Gomez so be sure to “Like” them on Facebook to find out how and when you can watch and see who will win the inaugural title!

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