Review: Technacity YSIC 550 Gi


The YSIC 550 gi is the first release from the Nova Scotia, Canada based company, TechNACITY. Owner Dan Vanderlans is a Brazilian jiu jitsu brown belt and instructor at Marmac Athletics in Truro, NS. He has been key in growing the sport locally, organizing tournaments, competing regularly and helping kids and adults to become technical and tenacious on the mats.

  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Color and meaningful design
  • Local, Canadian company
  • Truly exceptional quality

Didn’t Love

  • Inner arm design

I have trained a lot at Marmac, visiting most weekends for a few years, and I remember when Dan first coined the phrase TechNacity back around 2013. He teaches his students that in order to succeed in BJJ, an athlete must develop flawless technique through consistent practice. But even with perfect technique, that athlete must be tenacious! Both are major keys. I never dreamed he would develop his own gi line but where I have been fortunate enough to review gis from many companies, he asked me if I would help to test his prototype and offer my thoughts.

My TechNacity gi is a little different than Dan’s final choice of cut and fabric. He allowed me to choose my own cut and measurements based on my fantasy gi but used the fabric and design he initially chose so I could evaluate durability and comfort. Because I am friends with Dan and I was able to offer a small amount of input during the design process, you are welcome to take my review with a grain of salt.

All of the gi’s features can be seen in the mosaic below.  Please click the image to enlarge.


ComfortThe YSIC 550 is one of the most comfortable gis I own, and I have about thirty from various brands. The jacket weave is not as light as some gis; if you’re used to the 450gsm weave, you will notice that this jacket is a bit heavier however it was comparable to the weight of jackets by companies like Killer Bee, CTRL Industries, etc.

The pants are a very soft cotton canvas and I found them incredibly comfortable. The belt loop system is made up of six loops to ensure the drawstring remains around the waist and isn’t as easily lost in the wash. The drawstring is made out of the same material as the pants and I found it stayed tied throughout two hour open mats. Of course, in the beginning, the gi is dry and once you get a sweat going, the material will become a bit looser so a retie is simple enough. Since I received my prototype, Dan has replaced the pant material with a much softer 11oz twill. His meticulous attention to detail on this gi has made me confident that the change is for the buyer’s benefit.

Even when sweat soaked, the gi remained comfortable and did not get too heavy. The comfort in knowing that your gi is durable and will last you for years is worth a couple of extra grams. Check out Dan’s video below, explaining the difference between various weaves.

DurabilityIf you have clicked through and read the captions in the features gallery above, you can see that Dan has left no stone unturned in designing his first gi. The hems and cuffs have soft, flat, heavily reinforced seams with multiple layers of stitching and the pants have thigh to ankle reinforcement so you won’t end up with those tears under the knees that have frustrated so many practioners in the past with other brands. The construction and fabric is flawless and I am confident that I will be rolling in this gi for many years to come. I also love that I can wash this gi and throw it in the drier rather than hang drying.

Shrinkage analysis is below.

meas 1
The custom embroidery is what makes the YSIC 550 stand out: it blends the Canadian and Brazilian jiu jitsu cultures together with unique placement and designs. The maple leafs are hidden when you tie your gi, the inner arm embroidery is hidden until you raise your hands in victory.​What I like about Dan is that he is never afraid to be different and he relentlessly pursues his dreams. He has poured everything he loves about jiu jitsu into this gi and if you have an appreciation for his vision, and the meaning behind his designs, you will walk onto the mats in this gi with pride.

Check out the gallery below to see how the gi fit and view it from multiple angles. Remember, this is prototype that I was able to choose the cut and measurements for, however the same design, features and fabric will be used for the final product, other than an upgraded material for the pants.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Buy the TechNACITY YSIC 550 gi at for $177CAD, taxes in, plus free shipping in Canada and USA. Seeing the final amount all at once does make this gi seem to be more expensive than other gis, however, let’s work backwards:

Shipping is $25, at least.
What’s left is the gi plus tax so $177-25=$152.
So let’s deduct the tax $152/1.15= $132.

If you’re a Canadian in America, you can represent your country even less expensively due to the exchange rate being in your favor. If you’re a Canadian, you’re saving on the exchange rate by buying a Canadian product. You’re getting a premium quality gi at a bargain price.

Be sure to like TechNACITY’s Facebook page and send along any questions or concerns through their page messenger. They have a large amount of photos of the gi so you can get a better look at the fit on various people plus you can shop for tshirts and other accessories.

techNACITY: the Art of Existence; The Science of Sustenance

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