10 Tips for How to Prevent Rape in Jail

Ig picMy name is Sally Arsenault and I’m the women’s jiu jitsu instructor at Titans MMA in Halifax, NS. Brazilian jiu jitsu is the best martial art for women’s self-defense for many reasons:
  • It uses leverage and strategy to defeat much larger opponents.
  • It focuses on joint locks and chokes (in many cases, a smaller woman may not have the power to defeat a male attacker with strikes).
  • It turns having someone between your legs from a weak position for a woman being attacked, to a dominant position with multiple options.
  • It helps you to become comfortable in uncomfortable positions.
  • Live sparring gets you into the kind of physical shape that can help you to outwork your opponent and escape.
  • Sparring at 100% resistance gives you the confidence that your technique will actually work during an attack. Repeating techniques make it more likely that you will remember them under pressure.

0013 I teach the coed beginner class as well and I feel that my experience in teaching women to protect themselves lends itself well to educating men about self-defense. Self-defense is much more than physical tactics; prevention is key.

​What if a man was put into the same position a woman is in every day of her life? You may have forgotten, there are men who are in the same danger as we are. Men like Brock Turner who had a bright future swimming from one end of the pool to the other until he was sent to prison for six months for dragging an unconscious woman across the ground to the romantic shelter of a dumpster, pulling her dress up to her neck, inserting his fingers into her anus and vagina and humping her until he was seen and stopped by two passersby.

​So what can a guy like Brock do to prevent fingers and more from being inserted into his body against his will?

Brock Turner, Rapist, Swimmer

These are my ten tips:

  1. Rapes are most likely to happen within the first few days. Be cautious but try to have fun and enjoy settling into your new home.
  2. Men with short hair are less likely to be raped. When interviewed, men said they looked for victims with long hair that was easy to grab and hold. Don’t let this stop you from wearing your man bun, just know that you are in danger.
  3. Don’t grow a goatee. It might be mistaken for a vagina.
  4. Don’t dress provocatively. Keep your shirt on at all times. Don’t allow your underwear waistband to show over the waist of your pants. It will make attackers think about your underwear and what’s under them (your bum).
  5. Use the buddy system. Don’t go to the bathroom or walk the yard alone. If you are alone, walk with confidence and purpose. Don’t dilly dally or daydream.
  6. Don’t carry a shiv. It may be taken from you and used against you.
  7. If you are attacked, yell, shout and draw attention to yourself. I recommend saying, “Call 911 now!”
  8. Be assertive. If you feel threatened tell the person to back off. Don’t worry about being polite. Trust your gut.
  9. Don’t leave your drink unattended.
  10. Consider not being a rapist next time. Only you can prevent going to jail.

4-7-2018 4-33-33 PMI hope these tips will serve you well as you serve your time but if you do happen to get raped anyway, I recommend that you contemplate the situation and ensure it wasn’t your fault before you even think about reporting it. You could ruin someone’s life.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your new home!


    • Thank you for your comment. Do you think I’m making fun of rape or the advice women are given to prevent rape? Is it not clear in this scenario that the advice we are given to prevent rape is sometimes ridiculous?


    • You are incorrect. Criminal justice is 100% about vengence. The social compact may cede all right to seek vengence and use force to do so to the government, but the origin of the authority to do so is the same none the less.

      And even if your rose colored Foster Grant’s gave you 20/20 hindsight, how would you possibly explain that Mr. Brocks’s sentence was just?


    • Unless it’s a false accusation/withdrawal of consent a long time after the fact, as has become an increasing trend in the US.
      (I’m not saying the above case is, and I think the sentence given is ridiculous and unjust)


      • While a legitimate and important topic, it is a *different* topic from that being addressed here.


  1. With all due respect to the writer,you don’t have your facts straight.It seems like you are completely aware of the fundamental rules of self defence ,but lack the social/psychological knowledge.Thats why this article is confusing and kind of out of focus,mixing each subject with another which ends up to lack of coherence.Rape is not a sexual act,is an act of anger.I dont think you are in the position of giving advice to a man or woman who gets jail time.You should only focus on self defence in the society you are aware of,cause giving advice like that is a huge responsibility and not to be taken lightly.An instructor should always pay attention and be responsible,especially with sensitive subjects.


    • It’s satire you clown-shoes goof. She’s taking the things women are told to do to avoid rape, and putting them in the context of prison rape to highlight the absurdity of victim blaming.

      To the author: hilarious and poignant at the same time. Good points all.


      • If its satire ,there are great job positions in show business available.I insist that an instructors job is to be responsible and carry the weight of each ones sayings.If you cant carry that responsibility go and be a street performer or smthn with less responsibility.Its martial arts boy,allright?It all derives from budo, where there are ethics involved.I bet you don’t even know what im talking about.Saying oss is nothing if you dont respect yourself,the art and your students.It needs responsibility ,thats all im sayin,if you like satire go watch Louis ck for f shake…


  2. I find it disconcerting and obvious that men are struggling to understand this article.

    Equally disturbing is the need to correct a woman before she says more about topics she must be confused about.

    Kudos. This article is awesome!


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