Play-by-Play: Submission Series 902, Sandford vs Satava, January 23, 2015

This is a rough copy of the play-by-play I did for Submission Series 902 on I posted it here in case someone wanted to check it out.

The video replay can be seen here.

For more photos, visit Maritime Jiu Jitsu and Aggro Photography. Click photos to enlarge.

National anthems just finished, now they’re getting ready for the first match

Nathan O’Brien vs Colin MacMichael

I’ve trained with both of these guys and they’re very exciting

Sally Arsenault[7:09 PM]Colin is going for the take down, has a single leg
Sally Arsenault[7:09 PM]They’re in dogfight
Sally Arsenault[7:09 PM]Coin has Nate in deep half guard
Sally Arsenault[7:10 PM]They’re both trying to advance
Sally Arsenault[7:10 PM]Now the scramble, Nate’s trying to pass open guard again
Sally Arsenault[7:10 PM]sorry, seated guard
Sally Arsenault[7:11 PM]Nate’s trying to get the back
Sally Arsenault[7:11 PM]He has seatbelt and one hook
Sally Arsenault[7:11 PM]2nd hook
Sally Arsenault[7:11 PM]Colin swept and now he’s trying to pass Nate’s guard
Sally Arsenault[7:12 PM]Nate has his feet on the hips
Sally Arsenault[7:12 PM]Colin is in combat base
Sally Arsenault[7:12 PM]Nate has a triangle set up and locked in
Sally Arsenault[7:13 PM]Colin is fighting it, Nate’s being patient
Sally Arsenault[7:14 PM]Ref is calling for work
Sally Arsenault[7:14 PM]10 minutes left
Sally Arsenault[7:14 PM]The triangle is deep but Colin is still fighting it
Sally Arsenault[7:15 PM]Nate’s cutting the angle
Sally Arsenault[7:15 PM]Nate’s in mount going for the armbar
Sally Arsenault[7:15 PM]Now Nate’s going for the back again
Sally Arsenault[7:16 PM]Colin rolled out now Nate is trying to pass
Sally Arsenault[7:16 PM]Colin’s using spider
Sally Arsenault[7:16 PM]Nate’s going to go for toreando
Sally Arsenault[7:16 PM]He’s crushing the legs down
Sally Arsenault[7:16 PM]Colin’s using the knee shield
Sally Arsenault[7:17 PM]Colin has half guard
Sally Arsenault[7:17 PM]Nate passed
Sally Arsenault[7:17 PM]Colin rolled to turtle and Nate’s going for the back
Sally Arsenault[7:18 PM]Nate has one hook in, going for the seatbelt and setting up a choke
Sally Arsenault[7:18 PM]Colin has half guard
Sally Arsenault[7:18 PM]Nate’s coming around to crucifix from half guard
Sally Arsenault[7:18 PM]He has Colin’s collar
Sally Arsenault[7:19 PM]Came up to side control from crucifix
Sally Arsenault[7:19 PM]He’s going for the baseball bat choke, it looks like
Sally Arsenault [7:20 PM] Colin is looking for the armbar, it looks like, he has Nate’s arm.
Sally Arsenault[7:20 PM]Nate got out of it
Sally Arsenault[7:20 PM]four minutes left
Sally Arsenault[7:20 PM]now they’re back in half guard with Nate on top
Sally Arsenault[7:21 PM]Nate’s got the  back again
Sally Arsenault[7:21 PM]three minutes
Sally Arsenault [7:21 PM] Now they’re fighting the feet
Sally Arsenault [7:22 PM] Colin rolled to turtle
Sally Arsenault[7:22 PM]Now Nate’s in half guard
Sally Arsenault[7:22 PM]Knee shield by Colin
Sally Arsenault[7:22 PM]two mins left
Sally Arsenault [7:23 PM] Nate’s trying to get back again
Sally Arsenault[7:23 PM]Nate’s trying to pass half
Sally Arsenault[7:23 PM]now Colin’s turtling again
Sally Arsenault [7:23 PM] Nate’s trying to pass guard again
Sally Arsenault [7:24 PM] Has the back
Sally Arsenault[7:24 PM]one hook in
Sally Arsenault[7:24 PM]oh shit bow and arrow almost
Sally Arsenault[7:24 PM]triangle set up by Nate time went

Jesse Allen vs Kyle MacDougall

both of them are back up going for take down
Sally Arsenault[7:39 PM]Jesse tries for flying armbar
Sally Arsenault[7:39 PM]jesse’s going for kimura
Sally Arsenault[7:40 PM]tap for Jesse. It looks like Kyle is ingured
Sally Arsenault[7:40 PM]injured
Sally Arsenault[7:40 PM]from the kimura
Sally Arsenault[7:40 PM]Wow sub under 2 mins
Sally Arsenault[7:41 PM]I guess Jesse was submitted in 16 seconds in their last match
Sally Arsenault[7:42 PM]Next match is in 12 mins
Kent Peters vs Gavin Tucker
Sally Arsenault[7:44 PM]Kent is a purple belt out of ZombieProof Jiu Jitsu in Sydney, NS, Gavin trains out of my club, Titans in Halifax, NS
Sally Arsenault[7:45 PM]Gavin is undefeated in MMA so far, I think he’s had 7 fights
Gavin also has excellent technique and he’s a beast. Very athletic, very explosive
Sally Arsenault[7:48 PM]This is going to be an exciting match, it’s one of the ones I’ve been looking forward to most.
Sally Arsenault[7:52 PM]only one minute til the next fight.
Sally Arsenault[7:53 PM]or match, I guess
Sally Arsenault[7:53 PM]Gavin is jumping around back here
Sally Arsenault[7:53 PM]So exciting
Sally Arsenault[7:53 PM]Here we go
Sally Arsenault[7:53 PM]oops one minute
Sally Arsenault[7:54 PM]now we’re going
Sally Arsenault[7:55 PM]I have a feeling these guys are going to fly into our media table
Sally Arsenault[7:55 PM]they’re circling for the takedown
Sally Arsenault[7:55 PM]hand fighting
Sally Arsenault[7:56 PM]gavin tried for the guillotine
Sally Arsenault[7:56 PM]Gavin’s also a really good wrestler, I haven’t seen Kent wrestle but they have a really good coach at ZombieProof
Sally Arsenault[7:57 PM]guillotine by gavin again
Sally Arsenault[7:57 PM]front headlock
Sally Arsenault[7:57 PM]back on the feet
Sally Arsenault[7:58 PM]kent has half guard
Sally Arsenault[7:58 PM]seated guard for Kent
Sally Arsenault[7:58 PM]Cartwheel pass for Gavin
Sally Arsenault[7:58 PM]crucifix for gavin
Sally Arsenault[7:58 PM]Kent stood
Sally Arsenault[7:58 PM]gavin has the back
Sally Arsenault[7:59 PM]back on the feet
Sally Arsenault[8:00 PM]Seated guard for Kent
Sally Arsenault[8:00 PM]Going for calf slicer (Kent)
Sally Arsenault[8:00 PM]didn’t get it
Sally Arsenault[8:00 PM]Gavin’s trying to pass open guard
Sally Arsenault[8:01 PM]Gavin’s taking the back
Sally Arsenault[8:01 PM]Gavin got the sub, I think it was a small choke
Sally Arsenault[8:01 PM]palm to palm
Sally Arsenault[8:01 PM]We couldn’t see it
Sally Arsenault[8:02 PM]Kent’s all class, great guy

Scott Nauss vs Kevin Thibault

Next is Scott Nauss who is a brown belt out of Marmac Athletics in Truro vs Kevin Thibault, a purple belt out of Clinch Martial Arts under Shane Rice
Sally Arsenault[8:05 PM]I’ve seen Scott compete a lot but I haven’t seen Kevin compete as much.
Sally Arsenault[8:05 PM]Kevin is reportedly a very strong guy, Scott does a lot of pressure from the top, arm triangles, and armbars/triangles from guard. Also trained a lot of deep half with Jake Mackenzie
They’re fighting for the takedown
Sally Arsenault[8:15 PM]grip fighting
Sally Arsenault[8:16 PM]Scott pulled guard
Sally Arsenault[8:16 PM]locked it up
Sally Arsenault[8:16 PM]pendulum sweep for Scott
Sally Arsenault[8:16 PM]Scott has his back
Sally Arsenault[8:16 PM]Kevin’s back to guard
Sally Arsenault[8:17 PM]Scott’s setting up an arm bar
Sally Arsenault[8:18 PM]Scott’s using Kevin’s lapel to wrap up Kevin’s shoulder
Sally Arsenault[8:18 PM]We have some crazy drum music going in the back ground now weird
Sally Arsenault[8:19 PM]They’re still working in guard, Scott keeps looking for that lapel to wrap behind Kevin’s neck
Sally Arsenault[8:19 PM]Scott’s going for hip bump
Sally Arsenault[8:19 PM]got it
Sally Arsenault[8:19 PM]Scott’s in mount.
Sally Arsenault[8:19 PM]Going for arm triangle, most likely
Sally Arsenault[8:19 PM]He has high mount
Sally Arsenault[8:20 PM]Kevin’s bumping but Scott has a good base
Sally Arsenault[8:20 PM]Scott has that arm up, he’s got the arm triangle set up
Sally Arsenault[8:20 PM]Scott has it
Sally Arsenault[8:20 PM]Kevin tapped
Sally Arsenault[8:21 PM]5 mins 30 seconds

Judo Jon Williams vs Jon Foster

Sally Arsenault
 [8:22 PM] Next up is Jon Foster vs Judo Jon Williams

Sally Arsenault [8:34 PM] Craig’s tossing out prizes. Mr. Donair tshirt FTW

Sally Arsenault[8:36 PM]Jon Foster is a brown belt out of Abhaya under Rowan Cunningham, I went out to train with them at Abhaya before and he’s really good at stringing chains together
Sally Arsenault[8:36 PM]I haven’t seen Judo compete much. Maybe one match a few years ago
Sally Arsenault[8:38 PM]Here we go
Sally Arsenault[8:38 PM]bro hug
Sally Arsenault[8:38 PM]Judo has pulled guard, he’s in deep half
Sally Arsenault[8:39 PM]Now Judo is trying to pass half guard and has the kimura grip.
Sally Arsenault[8:39 PM]he’s got the armbar set up
Sally Arsenault[8:39 PM]from mount
Sally Arsenault[8:39 PM]he has it. It’s stretched
Sally Arsenault[8:39 PM]Jon came up between the legs, he’s in a triangle armbar, tapped to the armbar
Sally Arsenault [8:40 PM] Judo by triangle armbar
Sally Arsenault[8:41 PM]under 2 mins
Josh Presley vs Mansher Singh Khera

Sally Arsenault [8:47 PM] Next up is Josh Presley vs Mansher Singh Khera

Sally Arsenault [8:55 PM] They’re on the mats
Sally Arsenault[8:56 PM]Mansher is from Marcelo’s in NYC, brown belt world champion
Sally Arsenault[8:56 PM]Presley is from Titans, won bronze at worlds last year
Sally Arsenault[8:56 PM]mansher is trying to pass
Sally Arsenault[8:57 PM]Presley’s open guard
Sally Arsenault[8:57 PM]Presley’s using spider, going inverted
Sally Arsenault[8:58 PM]Mansher is still trying to pass
Sally Arsenault[8:59 PM]Presley turtled, Mansher is trying to get his back
Sally Arsenault[8:59 PM]Mansher has a body triangle
Sally Arsenault[8:59 PM]Presley is standing
Sally Arsenault[9:00 PM]Mansher is going for the lapel from the back
Sally Arsenault[9:00 PM]hand fighting
Sally Arsenault[9:00 PM]Mansher is still on the back
Sally Arsenault[9:00 PM]still standing
Sally Arsenault[9:01 PM]mansher has the arm preslely fought it off
Sally Arsenault[9:02 PM]reset presley is in seated guard, Mansher will try to pass
Sally Arsenault[9:02 PM]Mansher had tried to reset his body triangle and lost the back
Sally Arsenault[9:02 PM]de la riva for preslely
Sally Arsenault[9:02 PM]sorry x guard
Sally Arsenault [9:03 PM] they’re standing up again
Sally Arsenault[9:03 PM]Mansher pulled guard
Sally Arsenault [9:03 PM] Presley is trying to pass
Sally Arsenault[9:04 PM]Now mansher is up, presley tries to sweep, Mansher is trying for toreando
Sally Arsenault[9:04 PM]presley stll has spider
Sally Arsenault[9:04 PM]presley turtled, mansher is set up for passing
Sally Arsenault[9:04 PM]now he’s on the back with one hook
Sally Arsenault[9:05 PM]mansher has both hooks, tryin to hook the arm
Sally Arsenault[9:05 PM]he’s got presley’s arm,
Sally Arsenault[9:05 PM]gi choke for Mansher
Sally Arsenault[9:05 PM]from the back
Sally Arsenault[9:06 PM]under 9mins
Joel Jacquard vs Michael Tremblay

Sally Arsenault[9:07 PM]next up Joel Jacquard vs Michael Tremblay

Sally Arsenault [9:21 PM] Joel and Michael are on the mats.
Sally Arsenault[9:21 PM]Joel is a purple belt out of Titans
Sally Arsenault[9:21 PM]Michael is out of Alpha MMA
Sally Arsenault[9:21 PM]just had a four foot vertical leap in front of the media table
Sally Arsenault[9:21 PM]haha
Sally Arsenault[9:22 PM]This is a rematch after a close match at Abu Dhabi pro trials
Sally Arsenault[9:22 PM]Joel is the “Y-Town Strangler” goes for the darce a lot
Sally Arsenault[9:22 PM]I haven’t seen Michael compete a lot
Sally Arsenault[9:22 PM]But he’s obviously got a stack of medals
Sally Arsenault[9:23 PM]This is the co-main event
Sally Arsenault[9:23 PM]Both guys are sponsored by BC Kimonos
Sally Arsenault[9:24 PM]bro hug
Sally Arsenault[9:24 PM]Joel pulls guard
Sally Arsenault[9:24 PM]Tremblay is trying to pass, Joel has deep half
Sally Arsenault[9:25 PM]Joel went for the single, Tremblay has the kimura
Sally Arsenault[9:25 PM]JOel steps over,
Sally Arsenault[9:25 PM]Tremblay lost the Kimura
Sally Arsenault[9:25 PM]Back on the feet
Sally Arsenault[9:26 PM]Tremblay is going for the belly down armbar
Sally Arsenault [9:26 PM] Now it’s from guard
Sally Arsenault [9:26 PM] Joel’s out
Sally Arsenault[9:26 PM]Looks like Tremblay was going for a kneebar
Sally Arsenault[9:27 PM]fifty fifty
Sally Arsenault[9:27 PM]Now JOel has butterfly
Sally Arsenault[9:27 PM]Tremblay passed to side control
Sally Arsenault [9:27 PM] Joel has half guard
Sally Arsenault[9:28 PM]Tremblay is pushing on the knee, passed
Sally Arsenault[9:28 PM]side control for tremblay
Sally Arsenault[9:28 PM]knee on belly
Sally Arsenault[9:28 PM]mount
Sally Arsenault[9:28 PM]tremblay has mount
Sally Arsenault[9:28 PM]single leg x for Joel
Sally Arsenault[9:28 PM]half guard again, tremblay on top
Sally Arsenault[9:29 PM]Tremblay back to side control
Sally Arsenault[9:29 PM]scarf
Sally Arsenault[9:30 PM]deep half for Joel
Sally Arsenault[9:30 PM]crucifix for Tremblay
Sally Arsenault[9:30 PM]gi choke , Joel rolls over, now he’s turtled
Sally Arsenault[9:30 PM]ref calls for time
Sally Arsenault[9:31 PM]tremblay’s putting his belt back on
Sally Arsenault[9:31 PM]back to turtle with Tremblay on top
Sally Arsenault[9:31 PM]Joel rolls, tremblay is on his side
Sally Arsenault[9:31 PM]half guard again, goes deep, rolls him up
Sally Arsenault[9:31 PM]Joel is going for waiter
Sally Arsenault[9:32 PM]Joel comes out the back from deep half
Sally Arsenault[9:32 PM]Tremblay passes and is in side control
Sally Arsenault[9:32 PM]trying to isolate Joels arm
Sally Arsenault[9:32 PM]knee on belly for Tremblay
Sally Arsenault[9:32 PM]half guard again
Sally Arsenault[9:33 PM]Tremblay has mount
Sally Arsenault[9:33 PM]trembaly is getting s mount
Sally Arsenault[9:33 PM]Tremblay submitted Joel with a cross choke
Sally Arsenault[9:33 PM]9 minutes
Sally Arsenault[9:34 PM]Tremblay is a class act, giving props to Joel

Kyle Sandford vs Jonathan Satava

Sally Arsenault [9:42 PM] next up main event
Sally Arsenault[9:45 PM]Kyle Sandford vs Jonathan Satava
Sally Arsenault[9:46 PM]Kyle is a black belt under Renzo Gracie and trains at Titans in Halifax NS
Sally Arsenault[9:47 PM]Jonathan Satava recently got his black belt from Marcelo Garcia and is the 2014 brown belt world champion in no gi
Sally Arsenault[9:48 PM]Kyle is a monster
Sally Arsenault[9:48 PM]But I’ve seen Satava compete and he’s a very exciting competitor
Sally Arsenault[9:48 PM]It’s as quiet as a church in here. Both guys are on the mats
Sally Arsenault[9:48 PM]Their promo videos are playing
Sally Arsenault[9:50 PM]The guys are just kind of lounging around back here, stretching out. It’s so mellow
Sally Arsenault[9:52 PM]We have five black belts on the mat, Kevin, Peter, Jaret, Kyle and Jonathan.
Sally Arsenault[9:52 PM]Ok, we’re ready to go, the curtains are opening
Sally Arsenault[9:52 PM]I’m so lucky to be on the stage right now.
Sally Arsenault[9:53 PM]Best seats in the house!
Sally Arsenault[9:53 PM]here we go
Sally Arsenault[9:53 PM]they tie up
Sally Arsenault[9:54 PM]still on the feet
Sally Arsenault[9:54 PM]Satava sits, looks for the single
Sally Arsenault[9:54 PM]Kyle stuffs it
Sally Arsenault[9:54 PM]going for single leg x
Sally Arsenault[9:54 PM]Satava
Sally Arsenault[9:54 PM]Kyle shakes it off
Sally Arsenault[9:54 PM]Back on the feet
Sally Arsenault[9:55 PM]Satava goes for the single, Kyle has the whizzer
Sally Arsenault[9:55 PM]Kyle stuffs it
Sally Arsenault[9:55 PM]Satava sits down
Sally Arsenault[9:55 PM]Satava has butterfly
Sally Arsenault[9:56 PM]double unders
Sally Arsenault[9:56 PM]lost it
Sally Arsenault[9:56 PM]Satava gets the take down
Sally Arsenault[9:56 PM]Kyle has butterfly
Sally Arsenault[9:56 PM]Satava is spinning to pass
Sally Arsenault[9:56 PM]Kyle’s blocking
Sally Arsenault[9:57 PM]Kyle has half guard
Sally Arsenault[9:57 PM]Satava has an ankle
Sally Arsenault[9:57 PM]let it go, he’s standing, trying to stack now
Sally Arsenault[9:58 PM]back on the feet, almost fell off the stage
Sally Arsenault[9:58 PM]Jon jumps for guillotine
Sally Arsenault[9:58 PM]lost it
Sally Arsenault[9:58 PM]knee slice pass for Satava
Sally Arsenault[9:58 PM]side control for Satava
Sally Arsenault[9:59 PM]Satava is staying heavy
Sally Arsenault[9:59 PM]going N/S
Sally Arsenault[9:59 PM]back to side
Sally Arsenault[10:00 PM]standing, Satava trying to pass Kyle’s guard
Sally Arsenault[10:01 PM]Satava gets knee on belly, spins N/S
Sally Arsenault[10:01 PM]side control
Sally Arsenault[10:01 PM]7 minutes left
Sally Arsenault[10:02 PM]back on the feet
Sally Arsenault[10:02 PM]tied up
Sally Arsenault[10:03 PM]satava sits,
Sally Arsenault[10:03 PM]satava is trying to pass Kyle’s open guard
Sally Arsenault[10:04 PM]Kyle has butterfly
Sally Arsenault[10:04 PM]Satava pases to side
Sally Arsenault[10:04 PM]north south for Satava
Sally Arsenault[10:04 PM]Satava is trying for the ns choke
Sally Arsenault[10:05 PM]satava has it pretty deep but kyle turtled up
Sally Arsenault[10:05 PM]back on the feet
Sally Arsenault[10:05 PM]Satava jumps for the guillotine
Sally Arsenault[10:05 PM]Satava sits
Sally Arsenault[10:06 PM]now Kyle is on his back, Satava is trying to stack pass
Sally Arsenault[10:06 PM]satava is in half, passes to side
Sally Arsenault[10:06 PM]north south again
Sally Arsenault[10:07 PM]knee on belly for satava
Sally Arsenault[10:08 PM]satav has the north south again
Sally Arsenault[10:08 PM]kyle is fighting it turning into him
Sally Arsenault[10:08 PM]he’s out
Sally Arsenault[10:08 PM]he’s going to the knee, satava
Sally Arsenault[10:08 PM]kyle tapped to knee bar just at the bell

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