Preview: Mitmunk Vostok Leggings

The best thing about training jiu jitsu is being able to wear clothing that you haven’t been brave enough to wear in public since elementary school. When Can Sommez, AKA Slideyfoot, shared a photos of the Bionic leggings by Mitmunk, I knew I had to try them. 

If you check out the Mitmunk Facebook page, you’ll see loads of photos of their amazing designs, including the model I’m reviewing, the Vostok leggings. The company explains, Our Vostok leggings are named after the first manned spacecraft, designed by Soviet engineer Oleg Ivanovsky who died last week. He also worked on the Sputnik satellites, including the rocket that launched Laika the dog into space. I will take some time to learn more about his work and reflect on the effect it has had on space exploration as well as our understanding of the universe we live in.”

My review will be up in a couple of months on Breaking Muscle but if you can’t wait (and you shouldn’t) you can buy the Vostok, or whichever leggings you want on Mitmunk’s Etsy page for $79. I’m wearing size medium in this photo and they’re a bit long on me but otherwise fit very well.


  1. Do you reckon I should go for a Medium, like you, or a Large? My Pony Club and Combat Skin fit the best so far, and they're both around 26 inches or so around the waist. Are the Mitmunk Mediums tight on your 28 inch waist (I normally wear 30 inch trousers, so I'm a little bit fatter than you ;D).


  2. Well, size small in Combat Skin and Pony Club fit me so if you take medium in those, you could probably go for large in Mitmunk. The owner said they run small. They're long though. If you take small in CS & PC, then medium would work, I think.


  3. Cool, thanks. Sounds like I could be on the borderline then, as I wear a Small in Pony Club but a Medium in Combat Skin. They both fit me well. I reckon Medium would be worth a go, especially as I was thinking of asking for them for xmas, so wouldn't lose any money if they turned out to be a bit tight. 🙂


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