Preview: Eminence Kimonos "The Jester" Women’s Gi

Eminence Kimonos has developed a new line of BJJ gis for the rulers of the mats! All of their gis come in sizes for men, women and children and if you check out their sister site, Just a Girl in the BJJ World, you will see that they have the most creative line of women’s gis on the market today! From the blinged out zebra motif of the “Just a Girl” gi to the clean cut look of the “The Eminent One” there’s something to suit everyone! I’ve received “The Jester” for review so keep reading for pics and measurements and keep your eye out for my full review on Breaking Muscle.  Remember, to enlarge the photos, give them a click.

Prices: Adults $149.99  Women $139.99 Kids $109.99

Kimono Top Features:
·         100% Cotton   450GSM 
·         Black with Purple contrast stitching
·         Green Trim
·         Rubberized Collar
·         Argyle  Mesh lined inside shoulders
·         Custom embroidery

Pants features:
·         100% cotton  w/ Pearl Weave  gusset
·         Purple Stretchy rope drawstring
·         Green 6 point loop system
·         Purple contrast  color stitching
·         Heavy reinforced seams and knees with pearl weave reinforcement
·         Custom embroidery

The rashguard is a prototype for Killer Bee Kimonos.

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