Titans Women’s BJJ Student Profile: Kelly Pittman

In the Stuart Cooper Film “We Are Artists” Rafael Lavato Jr. says it best. “Martial arts can really bring everyone together, especially jiu jitsu. You see it in academies all across the world. So many times I’m on my mat and I look back and I’m sitting against the wall and I just look at the mat and I look around  and I see all of these people together, sharing their techniques and sharing their energies and having fun with each other and then you realize, look this is a highschool kid, this is a business man, this is a family man; people that are just all across the spectrum, people that would never cross paths with each other any other way. It’s really amazing. I think you see that so much more with jiu jitsu than other martial arts because of the connection that you make with people.”

Brazilian jiu jitsu attracts such a diverse group of people I am always interested to hear my teammates’ stories. My interview with Kelly Pittman is part of a series of student profiles I will be presenting for Halifax Titans Women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I think Kelly is one of those silent but deadly types. She quietly joined our BJJ class, has attended regularly and is making great progress. She’s always a challenge to roll with and I look forward to watching her game evolve. It’s been my pleasure to train with her and I’m pleased to share her story with you.

Sally: Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do, are you a mother, wife, daughter, social butterfly,  etc?
Kelly: I grew up in Lower Sackville.  I work with high power FM transmitters (the kind at radio stations) and I am the only female in my department.  I am not married but I have been with my partner for nine years. I enjoy classic sci-fi films and photography.


Sally: What inspired you to try Brazilian jiu jitsu?
Kelly: I wanted to learn a form of martial arts for fun and exercise.  Your class was one of two women-only-beginner classes I could find. I had heard of Brazilian jiu jitsu but didn’t know what it was until I looked it up and it was the clear winner.
Sally: Have you played sports or trained in other martial arts before joining Titans Women’s BJJ?
Kelly: The only martial art I ever “trained in” was Karate for a few classes when I was about ten.  I did play softball for twelve years and was on school badminton and curling teams. I curled for about ten years and it was the only sport I played competitively. I played tackle football for one season and hockey is still on my list to try.
Sally: What do your family and friends think about your new activity?
Kelly: My friends and family don’t know much about BJJ but they think it’s good that I’m learning self-defense while having fun and getting exercise.
Sally: How does BJJ fit into your lifestyle and schedule?
Kelly: My schedule has changed a few times over the last year as I was recently a student (that took up 60+ hours per week) and changed jobs twice. Now that I am working a regular Monday to Friday job, BJJ fits nicely.
Sally: Who is your favorite athlete or fighter and why?
Kelly: I only recently started watching fights. I’ve always watched sports but have never been a super fan of any one team or athlete. If I had to choose: Clara Hughes who won multiple Olympic medals in multiple sports.
Sara: What has been your favorite technique so far?
Kelly: I am not sure if the technique has a name: Getting the back from mount because when you can get it, it’s satisfying .
Sally: What are your goals in BJJ? For example, are you there to get in shape, meet  new people, compete?


Kelly: I joined to learn something new, have fun and exercise.  My new goal is to be able to roll with more flow and have a few moves from each position.
To learn more about Halifax Titans Women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

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