Preview: OK! Kimonos Tora Spats!

Look what just arrived! The OK! Kimonos Tora Spats! Check out the pics and measurements below and keep your eye on Breaking Muscle for my full review!  
Buy your pair now for $59 and save 10% with code “sally”! They even come in an epic gift box!  It’s as though my birthday came early! 

First impression is they’re thicker than Under Armour and the compression feature is solid. I would assume any lumps and bumps would be smoothed on the ladies. I also have the Pony Club Grappling Gear “The Yang” Spats and to compare:
Compression: Tora > Yang
Size: Tora < Yang
Fabric thickness: Tora > Yang
Quality: Tora = Yang
Style: Tora = Yang
The >< doesn't mean better or worse, it just means more than or less than. I love both pairs of spats.
What I would love to see is the seams of these looking like the seams of the Shoyoroll women’s spats. I love that there’s no midseam at the crotch. But then what about the graphics? I guess you can’t have it all. Still the seams and stitching of the Tora spats are flawless.  I’m going to be wearing these ALL THE TIME!!!
Also featured is the Gameness women’s Top Dog rashguard which I love and wear all of the time. The review is overdue but still on its way.
Looks like little Felix got his paws on my spats! Bad kitty!

And this is how you mail a pair of spats.

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